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A Pueblo-style home is a type of architectural design inspired by the traditional adobe structures of the Pueblo Native American people in the American Southwest. Here’s a concise overview of Pueblo-style homes:

  1. Adobe Construction: Pueblo-style homes are characterized by the use of adobe, a sun-dried mud and straw mixture, in their construction. Adobe provides natural insulation and helps homes stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  2. Flat Roofs: These homes typically feature flat or slightly sloping roofs with parapets. The flat roofs are often used for outdoor living spaces.
  3. Earthy Tones: Pueblo-style homes are usually adorned with earthy and natural colors to blend with the desert landscape.
  4. Rounded Corners: Curved or rounded corners are a common architectural feature, giving these homes a distinctive look.
  5. Kiva Fireplaces: Many Pueblo-style homes include kiva fireplaces, which are traditional Southwestern fireplaces, often circular and built into the wall.
  6. Wooden Beams: Wooden vigas (beams) protruding from the exterior walls are a hallmark of this architectural style.
  7. Territorial Revival: Pueblo style is often associated with the broader Southwestern architectural movement known as Territorial Revival.

Pueblo-style homes are renowned for their harmony with the natural environment and have become iconic in the American Southwest, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region.

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Tuscan style homes, inspired by the picturesque Tuscan region in Italy, offer a unique blend of old-world charm and rustic elegance. Here’s a glimpse into the essence of Tuscan style homes:

  1. Warm Color Palette: Tuscan homes are known for their warm and earthy color palette. Terracotta, warm yellows, deep reds, and olive greens adorn the walls, mimicking the colors of the Tuscan countryside.
  2. Rustic Materials: Natural materials like stone, wood, and wrought iron are key elements. Exposed wooden beams and stone walls provide an authentic rustic ambiance.
  3. Tiled Roofs: Distinctive terracotta roof tiles, often curved or barrel-shaped, are a hallmark of Tuscan architecture.
  4. Courtyards and Gardens: Tuscan homes embrace outdoor living. They often feature inner courtyards and lush gardens with Mediterranean plants, creating a serene oasis.
  5. Arched Doorways and Windows: Arches are a recurring architectural feature, adding a touch of elegance and romance.
  6. Open Floor Plans: Tuscan homes typically have open and flowing floor plans, emphasizing a sense of spaciousness and connection with the outdoors.
  7. Mediterranean Influence: The design draws from the Mediterranean lifestyle, emphasizing relaxation, family, and communal living.
  8. Antique Furnishings: Interior decor often includes antique and distressed furniture, bringing a sense of history and tradition.
  9. Tuscan Kitchens: Tuscan style kitchens are renowned for their large, inviting spaces, rustic cabinetry, and marble countertops.

Tuscan style homes transport you to the sun-kissed hills of Italy, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that celebrates the beauty of Tuscany’s countryside and culture.

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Spanish Mission

Spanish Mission style homes, also known as Mission Revival or simply Mission-style, are a distinctive architectural style inspired by the historic Spanish missions established in the American Southwest and California. Here are the key features of these homes:

  1. Stucco Exteriors: Spanish Mission style homes often feature stucco exteriors, giving them a smooth and plastered appearance, reminiscent of the original mission buildings.
  2. Red Tiled Roofs: One of the most iconic elements is the red-tiled roof, which adds warmth and character to the architecture.
  3. Arched Doorways and Windows: Arches are a recurring theme in Spanish Mission style homes, providing a sense of grandeur and grace.
  4. Bell Towers: Some Mission-style homes include bell towers or campaniles, evoking the mission’s historic bell towers.
  5. Courtyards and Patios: These homes frequently have central courtyards or inner patios, which serve as focal points and outdoor living spaces.
  6. Wrought Iron Details: Ornate wrought ironwork is often used for gates, railings, and light fixtures, adding a touch of elegance.
  7. Simple and Symmetrical Facades: The facade design is typically simple and symmetrical, reflecting the influence of Spanish colonial architecture.
  8. Earth Tones: Colors are typically earthy and warm, with shades of beige, tan, and terracotta.
  9. Historical and Cultural Significance: Spanish Mission style homes pay homage to the historical and cultural legacy of the Spanish missions and their role in shaping the American Southwest.
  10. Timeless Appeal: These homes exude a timeless charm that combines historical reverence with a comfortable and inviting living environment.

Spanish Mission style homes offer a connection to the past, infusing a sense of heritage and elegance into modern living spaces.

Allowed in: Tierra Verde, Mesa Grande, Sierra Vista, Aguila Vista

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Territorial style homes, predominantly found in the American Southwest, particularly in states like New Mexico and Arizona, are a captivating blend of historical and architectural elements. Here’s an overview of what characterizes Territorial style homes:

  1. Adobe and Stucco Construction: These homes are typically built with thick adobe or stucco walls that provide natural insulation, keeping interiors cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  2. Flat Roofs with Parapets: Territorial style homes often feature flat roofs with parapets, which add a distinctive silhouette to the architecture.
  3. Courtyards and Patios: Inner courtyards and outdoor living spaces are a common feature, allowing residents to enjoy the region’s sunny climate.
  4. Wooden Vigas and Corbels: Exposed wooden vigas (beams) and decorative corbels are frequently used to support the roof and add rustic charm.
  5. Rounded or Square-Edged Corners: The walls and openings often have rounded or square-edged corners, providing a unique visual appeal.
  6. Earth Tones: Territorial style homes are adorned with earthy colors such as warm terracottas, soft beiges, and deep browns, harmonizing with the desert landscape.
  7. Spanish and Mexican Influences: This architectural style reflects the Spanish and Mexican influences in the region’s history and culture.
  8. Timeless Aesthetic: Territorial style homes combine historical reverence with comfortable and inviting living spaces, creating a timeless aesthetic that resonates with the Southwest’s rich heritage.

Territorial style homes offer a window into the past while providing a contemporary living experience, making them a sought-after choice in the Southwest.

Allowed in: Tierra Verde, Mesa Grande, Sierra Vista, Aguila Vista